Engineering Services

We offer detailed electrical design services to meet your specific project requirements.

Our secondary electrical systems are designed with precision to ensure optimal performance.

We ensure that designs are practical, buildable and coordinated with other disciplines and stakeholders.

woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper
woman in black shirt and blue denim jeans writing on white paper
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black flat screen computer monitor

Primary Electrical Design

We have made quality our habit. The long lead time and large capital expenditure items deserve attentions and we have a proven track record of delivering quality, economical and reliable designs and specifications for the important items in your plant that underpin efficient and reliable proformance.

Secondary Electrical Systems

When there is a thorough understanding of your primary electrical/mechanical infrastructure; your secondary & auxiliary systems can be designed more effectively. Eliminating cost, unnecessary complexity and improving reliability.

PLC Control & SCADA

We can advise on the critical information that you need to see displayed and logged in your database along with any automation & control that you would like implemented to improve performance an enhance operability. We focus on open-source communication protocols & redundant network architectures to ensure your data acquisition system is compliant with a variety of manufactures equipment.

Power System Studies

We offer a range of power system studies for HV, MV & LV electrical projects. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your D&B or upgrade works.

  • Load Flow Studies

  • Dynamic voltage stability

  • Reactive power assessments

  • Dynamic frequency stability

  • Cable sizing

  • Power losses optimisation

  • Short Circuit Studies

  • Protection Co-ordination

  • Arc-flash level calculations

  • Fault ride-through study

  • Generator rotor angle stability

  • Network transient modeling

  • Transformer energisation modeling

  • Insulation co-ordination

  • Surge arrestor sizing

  • Grid Code compliance

We are a small engineering consultancy focused on delivering high-quality electrical engineering solutions.

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